Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cricut Bug ready for Thanksgiving "Candy holder"

Thanksgiving Bug!!!!

cut Candy box on E (fit to page), Gypsy font (  ) 3 in for antennas on bug
Eyes circles from George 1.24 in.green, 1.12 in. white, 1 in. white
Eyes .35 in circles Green 
Antenna balls circles George .48 in. Green
) mouth Gypsy Font 1.70 
Buckle from Witch Hat  on Happy Hauntings 4.50 Inch.
Pilgrim Hat on Paperdoll Dress Up 6.25 Inch.
Also, I cut off the stem on both sides

View the Cricut Bug wearing a Halloween Witch Hat


Love That Bug said...

Super cute!! I can see this being used for all kinds of Holidays
Thanks for sharing

Ladybug said...

Found another one! Do I get a prize for how many I find? LOL :-)